22 October 2009

While the Summercross has been allowed to deteriorate further, this despite further interest in reopening it as a pub, Westward Care have now upset residents in Horsforth.


19 February 2009

In spite of major errors, the revised planning application for a care home was approved by Plans Panel West:

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No Redevelopment!

The Summercross, a popular and historic community pub located in the conservation area of Otley (West Yorkshire), is under threat of redevelopment.

The Timeline (as currently understood)

ROUND ONE: The Housing Proposal

(1) Conservation Area application to demolish the Summercross

(2) Application to build 14 houses

ROUND TWO: The Care Home Proposal

(1) Conservation Area application to demolish part of the Summercross (ref 08/06123/CA)

(2) Application to build a 48 bed care home (ref 08/06122/FU)

Westward Care submit REVISED PLANS, apparently after having seen the objections that had by then been submitted.


In response LCC once again extend the deadline for comment (to 13 January 2009), displayed some new planning notices locally (dated 23 December 2008), advised a small number of the previous objectors of the new consultation period and advised some of the previous objectors of the plans panel meeting on 22 January 2009 (when the application was to be considered).

The panel agreed to defer consideration to the next meeting (because of very real concerns about the poor communications with the objectors).

The panel approved the application to build a care home, this despite a final submission from SOS including major new errors found in the revised application.

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What is going on (as currently understood)

For some years the Summercross had been owned by Punch Taverns and the business suffered from a succession of short-term and generally disinterested landlords.

In December 2005 the Summercross was one of a block of 205 pubs that where sold to the Petchey Group after which the pub closed.  However, this proved to be a turning point.  The pub soon reopened with a committed new landlord who took out a lease (with an option to renew) with Save Investments (part of the Petchey Group), and the pub started to prosper again.

Unfortunately, on 4 September 2006 the Summercross was purchased for 495,000 by Phase 7 Properties.  The latter are a low profile London-based company who appear to specialise in redeveloping pubs as housing.  The landlord only ever deal with their agents, another low profile company called Country Estates Management, who started to make things increasingly difficult.

On 31 August 2007 a formal agreement was concluded that Phase 7 Properties would sell the Summercross to Chartford Homes.  Unaware of this development, the landlord experiencing considerable procrastination from Country Estates Management about renewing his lease.  Eventually the landlord was informed that the lease would not be renewed and given notice to quit.

The Summercross closed on 27 October 2007.  On 12 November 2007 it was purchased with vacant possession by Chartford Homes for 1,000,000.   This implies that Phase 7 Properties made a profit of 505,000 from owning owning the property for 14 months and removing the landlord.  It also suggests that Chartford Homes believed that they would get planning permission for a high density development (in addition to buying near the peak of the market).  Chartford Homes are a Leeds-based property development company and, in a letter dated 30 November 2007 responding to to the local MP, they confirmed their intention to redevelop the site for housing:

30 November 2007 letter from Chartford Homes

Click here for the full text of the above letter together with our initial rebuttal of the claims that it makes.

Click here to read the subsequent response letter from Greg Mullholland MP to the the letter from Chartford Homes.

It is evident from this correspondence that Chartford Homes do not believe (or do not wish to believe) that the Summercross is economically viable as a pub.  Click here for evidence to the contrary.


After loosing their subsequent planning application for housing, Chartford Homes have keeped a very low profile.  While allowed the building to deteriorate and they have effectively refused to communicate with anyone (known to have included at least one local pub company interested in buying and reopening the Summercross).


Now Westward Care have entered the picture with a proposal to develop a care home:

10 October 2008 Westward Care exhibition (first sight of the proposal)


... very big!

  • the building footprint occupies much of the site (a similar area to the total footprint of the 14 houses in the previous proposal)

  • the new building is mainly three stories

  • 48 bedrooms & 60 staff with only 11 parking bays (plus 2 "short stay" bays for very short cars)

The sheer size of the building is self evident from the site plan to the left.  First sight of the other exhibition drawings suggests that the designer has done a reasonably good job of disguising the shear bulk of the development - in this sense it is a relatively intelligent design.  We have not yet had chance to study these drawings in detail or to assess the visual impact but clearly the development will dominate the skyline. 

The exhibition drawings are published in the Westward Care glossy Consultation Document (this might be available from them on request).  Unfortunately, Westward Care have not chosen to make this brochure available via a website.


30 October 2008 Westward Care submitted a planning application


Click here for information about the planning application and how to object.


Westward Care is very strongly linked to Bracken Limited (who own Chartford Homes)

Trevor Spencer


David Spencer


Brenda Spencer


Norman Stubbs


Sandra Subbs



Click here to read the letter dated 7 October sent to Westward Care by Greg Mullholland MP.



The pub must re-open

The Summercross must re-open because it:


The Potential Developers


(1) Chartford Homes

Chartford Homes is the trading name of Chartford Developments Limited (Company No. 01592653).  Their managing director is Chris Thompson and their registered office is:

Calls Wharf

2 The Calls



Chartford Developments Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bracken Limited (Company No. 02953413).  They share the same registered office, have the same five directors (see below) and are both listed as privately owned "general construction & civil engineering" limited companies.

The directors of both Chartford Developments Limited and Bracken Limited are:

Norman Alan Stubbs (Chairman)

The Stables

East Chevin Road


LS21 3DD


John Maurice Clark

30 Rupert Road



LS29 0AQ


Neil Matthew Clark

31 Grove Road


LS29 9PF


Stephen Geoffrey Evans (Company Secretary)

The Orchard

58 Huddersfield Road





Mathew Fuller

Spring Farm

East Chevin Road


LS21 3DD


Christopher Thompson (Managing Director)

2 Fairford Mount



West Yorkshire

LS6 4QY      




(2) Westward Care

Westward Care is the trading name of Westward Care Ltd (Company No. 2969357).  Their managing director is Peter Hodkinson and their registered office is:

Pennington Court

11 Hunslet Hall Road



LS11 6TT

The current directors of Westward Care are:

Norman Alan Stubbs (Company Secretary)

Springfield Farm

East Chevin Road


West Yorkshire


Bronwyn Gregory

28 Maple Croft

New Farnley


West Yorkshire

LS12 5RU


Peter Gordon Hodkinson (Managing Director)

34 Millbeck Green



West Yorkshire

LS22 5AJ


David Trevor Spencer

25 Fern Way



West Yorkshire

LS14 3JJ

The company is listed as a privately owned "Other human health activities" limited company and they have three care homes:


Southlands nursing home (36 beds), 13 Wetherby Road, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2JU

Pennington Court nursing home (62 beds), Hunslet Hall Road, Leeds LS11 6TT (Registered Office)

Headingley Hall (37 beds), 5 Shire Oak Road, Leeds LS6 2DD


Westward Care is very strongly linked to Bracken Limited and Charford Homes as described above.


Roundhay Today 23 September 2008

Oakwood nursing home is sold to Westward

Leeds-based company Westward Care has bought Southlands nursing home in Oakwood as part of a multi-million pound expansion programme.

The firm acquired the home in a private off-market sale.

Westward already manages two care homes in Leeds, Headingley Hall and Pennington Court in Beeston is currently not displaying a web page (10 Oct 08)




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